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How To Order Photo Prints

Order Carl Neumann Photos on High-quality Photo Paper / Canvas / Metal & Framed

Looking at buying photos for publication, yourself, family or a friend from Carl Neumann’s website?  Here're some instructions and options. 

This website has been designed and laid out by Carl and is built on a system called which is specially designed for photographers as it allows them to share and sell downloadable digital photos and send photos to print directly from the site. 

You can order and pay by credit card or through PayPal directly through Carl’s website—you don’t need a SumgMug account or anything like that. To learn more about how to buying Carl’s photos read on, or, click here:

Commercial Use - Stock Photos For Print & Online Publications / Advertising Agencies

Seen a photo you would like to use in a publication? Great! You can download web size or print size versions of each photo. Just add the photo to the cart and click the download button to see the pricing. Downloads are immediate, and all come without the watermark.
Note: Some photos are not for sale. These will be marked so, or do not have a “Buy” button available--due to the artist/publisher/agent/record companies request. 

Licensing details are found during checkout.

Personal Use - Photo Prints / Wall Decor / Gifts…

Got your eye on a photo or two for your lounge, man cave, office, bedroom… Or want to give a great gift to someone for their birthday, Xmas or just because you want to? Great! You can order prints (Glossy, Matt or Luster) and many sizes. 

Standard sizes are usually, but some will vary such are panoramas or square images. Wall art is a great way to add colour to a home or office. 

Want to print the photos yourself? That’s ok; you can download the photo/s you like. But, keep in mind, Carl has chosen Bay Photos in California, USA to print all of his photos as they are trusted to provide nothing but high-quality images. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, and the shipping cost is highish, but, hey, you get what you pay for!  Plus, when you order prints or canvases online we will send you a discount voucher for all of your future purchases. :)

Licensing details are found during checkout.

Gifts - Photos, Wrapped & Nicely Packed

Photographs, especially on canvas, flat or metal mounts, make the most incredible gifts. Our boutique packaging will knock the receivers socks off. Save a trip to the card store and let us do the wrapping for you. Read more here about boutique gift wrapping

Why give photos as a gift? 

Not only do they look great (of course) but they are usually big in size, and everyone knows that big gifts are the best gifts!

Postage and Shipping - Tough & Protected

Not only are all of the photos printed with care and on high-quality mediums we also take the utmost care in making sure that each is carefully packed and shipped without the chance of damage. All products are wrapped in tissue papers, plastic and thick cardboard to protect from bending and the rough travel time. 

Framing, Mounting & Finishing

Give your photos a bit of extra love.

You can now order your photo prints framed. Watch a video on framed prints here:

Your chosen image/s are printed on fine art quality paper, and then mounted onto a rigid, masonite board and set in a glassless 2" x 3/8" wooden box frame.

Choose Black, white, off white, silver, chocolate stained wood and more to complement your print.

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