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Photos of the "Rock or Bust Tour - 2015" - AC/DC live at Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Recently I took on an assignment to write the "Heavy Legends" column for Australia's largest heavy metal magazine, Heavy Magazine. It was a nostalgic trip back down the time track to a younger me. The article took the angle of "everyone has an AC/DC story", and - based on the response I received once the article went to print - I was right. Everyone does seem to have an AC/DC story.

An excerpt: "Personally, AC/DC represents several pivotal points in my life; my first-ever beer at my mate Barney's house, a family road trip across Australia in a Commodore blasting the hits from ‘High Voltage' to 'Back In Black’ on my trusty Sony Walkman, and the first time I was left alone at my childhood home. Our conservative neighbours had never experienced a Saturday morning like that before, especially when "Who Made Who" (on vinyl) ripped through the lounge room curtains, causing Angus' hard-edged guitar to echo down the street and across the creek, as I kicked and air guitared around the room. Ahhhh - those memories!".

To top things off, and to create an "AC/DC story" for him, this show was my ten-year-old son's first-ever concert and - get this - he even scored a pick from Angus Young!

Needless to say, I was utterly stoked to be an official photographer for scenestr Mag and hang-out down the front while the band blasted those incredible catchy riffs.

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- Carl Neumann


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